Monday, January 31, 2011

Without Cloth Fashion Show

17years of tradition.

By: Jose Bernardino Francisco Esteban.

This Monday, January 31, prompted the editors horses and admiration of thousands of spectators filled the downtown streets of Jacaltenango through the equestrian parade, organized by the Committee Jaripeo.

The passion for horses and cattle caused Alejandro Santiago Diaz, Jesus Guillermo Quinonez, Fred Quinonez Jaime Quinonez and joined efforts to organize the rodeo here. "It all started in the family, now aged 17 on giving people this spectacle of rodeo," said Dr. Jaime Quinonez, a committee member.

The parade was led by Ms. Jaripeo: Saira Camposeco Irene Quinonez. This event is a brilliant tradition in the context of the show in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria, which began Monday and ends Tuesday.
Farmers were prepared long before their horses and trainers present several activities to the delight of the public who were in the main streets of Jacaltenango.


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